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Renee&Rick Edmonton Wedding Photographer

I first met Renee&Rick in March when they came across my work and hired me to photograph their special day. Originally their wedding was planned for August but sometimes things happen (which you will find out shortly) and they changed the date to May. They wanted to keep their wedding small and intimate and celebrate it with the people closest to them which were their parents and siblings. The wedding ceremony was held in Renee's parents yard in Wainwright. When I first showed up and seen it I thought it was very beautiful and well taken care of. The rest of the day we were take more portraits in and around the yard until we headed for more pictures to their reception location which was in her parents cabin at clear lake. I loved being part of this small and intimate wedding and really enjoyed my time with both families and of course the couple who made my job a lot of fun that day and Thank you for the warm welcoming. These two had a much bigger surprise that night as they both had announced that they were expecting a baby and btw I found out just after the wedding so I had no clue. Renee looked absolutely gorgeous and I loved her beautiful dress from bridal debut Sherwood Park. 

Gown: Birdal Debut Sherwood Park

Makeup: Makeup by Kailee 

Hair: Gracie's Hair Salon